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Our Story

This has been a Passion of Aimee’s for quite some time. After a year of finding these antique treasures and Aimee creating the recipes in our menu, her dream became a reali-tea! We first opened at 200 W Fort Dade here in Brooksville on Sept 26, 2012 and renovated our 1st Tilted Teacup in 4 months, which was built it 1914.  After 2 years we needed to expand. We had the opportunity to renovate the old Roger's Christmas house which took our family  7 months to complete, the house was built in 1924 and opened on Nov 21, 2014. As you are sitting here reading this, we have finally found a home to call our own. We purchased our very own historic building in June of 2019 and opened in November of 2019..We feel truly blessed for what God has done with this business. We thank you for being part of Our Story...

Every morning we bake fresh scones. Whenever we can, we get seasonal produce and turn it into pure decadence, right before your eyes (OK, it might not be as magical as it sounds, but it’s delicious). While spending time sipping tea with friends in an unhurried atmosphere, we offer traditional tea sandwiches, fresh baked scones, homemade quiche, soups, chicken salads and desserts.

We are one of 12 tearooms featured in "Tea & Savories", a new book from the editors of TeaTime magazine, which we have for purchase.The 135-page book, published by Hoffman Media in August 2015, offers steeping and pairing guides for tea, as well as more than 100 recipes for the savories course of a traditional afternoon tea, including the Tilted Teacup's recipe for lemon-blueberry chicken salad.